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President’s Message

Troy Cassels

Thank you for doing a great job in 2014. With all the growth driven by US based feed stock we are in an up swing with potential years more ahead of us.

The team here at the office worked hard to get health insurance with 100% pay "after the deductible" it is a great insurance to have and I want to congratulate all of you that help make that happen. We will continue to work for even better more affordable options this year, I know it has become a continued battle to help our team have the best options. With our next goal of providing more of the "peripheral" coverages at little or no cost to the employees.

Your efforts to provide the best service possible to our clients is the core of any success we share, so I thank you. Keep the good work and if you have any comments or concerns you would like to share with me anonymously, you can via the front page of our website.

Thank you and have a safe day,

Troy Cassels

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