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Mission & Values

The goal at ITC is to provide consistent, Industry leading, result based solutions and services to our clients. Our management and employees each have a personal commitment to excellence. We are a customer driven and employee oriented company, with the knowledge, experience and integrity to deliver quality services to our clients. A personal commitment to superior results and customer satisfaction is the on-going mission for the employees at ITC.

Core Values
Our company's Core values have allowed ITC to strengthen into an Industry Leading Provider of Business & Temporary Workforces solutions. At the Core of the company, values such as Safety, Quality, Integrity and Commitment can be found.

Safety: We strive for a goal zero workplace. We respect the lives of our coworkers and the clients we work with and understand the value of life.
Quality: We strive for a high level of excellence. Quality is what we expect. Quality is what we demand.
Integrity: We perform work with truthfulness and honor.
Commitment: We are committed to serving our clients and employees with the utmost respect and dependability. We want our Employees and clients to succeed because if they're successful, we're all successful.
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